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    Casa Bali blends the four elements of earth, air, fire and water to create a one of a kind experience. The house was built to make a statement and succeeds in delivering exceptional luxury without losing the essence of Bali or the beauty of …read more

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    Casa Bali is the ideal luxury vacation home in Costa Rica. Built on a prime piece of land in the exclusive, gated community of Tamarindo Heights, Casa Bali provides a one of a kind experience to the traveler who seeks luxury and privacy in …read more

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    We are extremely proud of Casa Bali. An enormous amount of effort went into its design and construction with the goal of bringing the essence of Bali to Costa Rica.

Casa Bali is a luxury rental home in the unique corner of the world that is Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Tamarindo sits on the “Gold Coast” Costa Rica in the province of Guancaste. This magnificent vacation villa stands secluded in an exclusive private gated community and enjoys one of the most stunning views in the area. In addition to the privacy accorded by being situated in a gated community, this Costa Rica luxury villa rental offers a host of amenities that guests can enjoy with ease. A stay at Casa Bali ensures that you’ll enjoy the feeling of a relaxing residence with dedicated staff to make you feel like you’re at your own boutique hotel.

The house decor is stunning. Decorated with gorgeous imported Balinese design elements…wood, stone, rattan and more…this Costa Rica luxury villa truly captures the tropical vacation experience. The view, both towards the sea and the inland mountains, are equally spectacular! Sunsets light up the sky and spread over the two visible beaches of Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande every evening of the year. Each season has something to offer. The green season shows it’s true colors with the verdant jungle canopy with the backdrop of clear mornings and pleasant afternoon showers. Rainbows are a weekly (if not daily) experience and guests will appreciate the somewhat more “tranquilo” style of this fantastic time of year. The dry season (high season) enjoys offshore winds, clear skies and perfect turquoise water. This time of year visitors flock to the almost guaranteed perfect weather. The town is buzzing with an international contingent of families, travellers, surfers and local cowboys.

If you are looking for a luxury house rental in Costa Rica that is private, gorgeous and luxurious, Casa Bali is the right choice for you. With 8 bedrooms, multiple kitchens, huge swimming pools and copious outside entertainment areas, Casa Bali is the perfect venue for large groups, family trips, couples trips and more! With an almost limitless array of activities available including world class surfing, yoga, fishing, horseback riding, sailing, snorkeling, world class spas, ocean front golf and tropical adventure, everyone will be sure to enjoy themselves. Come experience our version of Costa Rica, the Casa Bali luxury experience!