Tamarindo Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Guanacaste is horse and cattle country. While surf culture dominates at the beach, cowboy culture takes over where the sand stops. We can arrange a traditional Guanacaste horse tour that will be part eco-tour and part cultural immersion. The ranches that Casa Bali recommends are owned by horse lovers that care for and treat their animals with the respect that they deserve. You will learn the natural horsemanship of the Guanacastecos as you enjoy a scenic ride through the Costa Rican countryside.

Tours differ depending on the experience and desires of the riders. There are historical / cultural tours that pleasantly wind through the hills as your guide points out the flora and fauna of the region while recounting the history of the area. Fiesta rides that allow you to ride your own horse to the most important cultural event of the year – the civic fiesta. Fiestas are a fund raising party for the local community as well as a chance for Ticos to practice the cultural events they love: folkloric dance, horsemanship and bull riding!!! Perhaps the most popular tour is a Cantina tour where riders are guided from pueblo to pueblo. You will stop at cantinas where you will have a drink, snack on bocas and meet some colorful locals before riding on to your next stop.

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