Tamarindo Kayaking


Kayaking is a great way to explore Costa Rica from the water. Quieter and more nimble than a boat, a Kayak can go just about anywhere. A kayak is the ideal vehicle to observe wildlife and guests love the freedom that piloting their own water vehicle affords them. You are sure to get a great tan as well.Although Kayaks can be used in a variety of ways, most guests use them to ocean kayak or to take an estuary tour. Ocean kayaking is a great way to explore Captain’s Island located in Tamarindo Bay. On your way, you are likely to see flying fish, jumping rays, dolphins, sea turtles and during the migration season, you may even see Humpback Wales just outside the bay.

Estuary tours begin at the mid-tide coming up. As the sea rises, it makes paddling a breeze as you explore the primordial tributaries of the estuary. Monkeys, crocodiles, caimans, herons, pelicans, iguanas and various types of curious fish will all come down to see who’s entering their pristine world. As the tide peaks, and the water starts to recede from the estuary, that is your signal to return to the sea. The receding water will help carry you home as your bid farewell to the creatures of the mangrove.

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