Tamarindo Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Practiced by Hawaiians for centuries, SUP was rediscovered about ten years ago by surfers in Hawaii. The sport is correctly named as enthusiasts not only surf on the oversized boards, but also glide (paddle along the coast), explore the estuaries of Costa Rica, fish off of them or simply use them as a great workout. The technique can be mastered in about an hour, which makes SUP a great vacation activity.

The board has a leash that attaches to the ankle or knee of the stand up paddle boarder, turning the board into your own personal flotation device. Many guests enjoy the perspective that SUP provides and often say it feels like walking on water. We can arrange SUP rentals or tours. It is a great activity to do as a group as there is plenty of time to converse while SUP. Be sure to use sunscreen and consider a rash guard or other clothing as the stand up paddle boarder spends nearly all of his time out of the water. For further information, contact Casa Bali’s concierge.