Tamarindo Surfing


Surfing is what put Tamarindo on the map. The sheer variety of breaks concentrated in such a small area make Tamarindo seem like a naturally occurring water park. The surf breaks in Tamarindo are tide-dependent. Some work on low tide, while others work on high tide, while still others prefer a mid-tide coming up. That means it is always breaking somewhere, and with near constant offshore winds, you will likely give out before you run out of surf.

For the advanced surfer, a boat trip to Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point is a must. These are arguably the best beach break and best point break in the country. Even better, Ollie’s breaks best on a low tide and Witch’s best on a high tide and they lay only a twenty-minute boat ride from each other. That means you can hit both spots on the same day. If you want to argue that Pavones, one of the longest left hand point breaks in the world, is the best point break in Costa Rica, we won’t hold it against you, and we can arrange that trip as well.