Costa Rica Volcanoes

Volcanoes and Hot Springs

Costa Rica has six active volcanoes. The best-known volcanoes are also the most active. Arenal is the countries most famous volcano. Cone shaped and towering into the clouds, it is what you expect a volcano to look like. Although less active than previous years, you can still see lava flows and red flashes in the clouds, especially at night. The Poas volcano is the closest to San Jose and therefore one of the most visited in the country. It reaches 8,885 feet and its diameter is a mile across. Geysers explode from the volcano’s rain filled surface reaching up to 800 feet into the air. The El Rincon de la Vieja volcano is the closest to Casa Bali lying just two hours away. It is a popular but strenuous 10 Kilometer hike to its crater that includes a 5,000 foot ascent. However, the view from the crater is breathtaking and well worth the effort.

A corollary benefit to Costa Rican volcanoes are the country’s well known hot springs. The heat from the volcano warms the water and creative Costa Ricans have captured the thermal heated water into natural hot tubs. Most locations have pools of varying temperatures allowing guests to pick their poison. One of the most popular hot springs is the El Ricon de La Vieja hot spring located a two-hour drive from Casa Bali. In addition to the hot springs, the spas that contain the springs also offer volcanic mud baths, massages, cocktails as well as a variety of other activities (horseback riding, zip lines, and ATV rides). Ask your Casa Bali concierge for more information.