Tamarindo Zip Lines

Zip Lining

Zip lining or a canopy tour is a circuit of platforms built high in the rain forest canopy. The platforms are connected by a series of zip lines (steel cables) that descend from the highest platform to the lowest at ground level at the end of the circuit. Riders wear a harness that attaches to the zip line and then fly/glide from platform to platform. Guides are stationed on each of the platforms to ensure that you are safely connected to the zip line before commencing your next descent.

Some argue that zip lining was introduced as a recreational activity in Costa Rica. It is undeniable that the Costa Rican rain forest canopy provides the perfect local for this type of tour. In addition to the adrenaline filled rides, canopy tours give riders the opportunity to experience the rain forest from a different perspective. There is a whole different ecosystem going on up in the trees and a canopy tour allows you to become part of it. Your guides will also proudly introduce you to some of the beautiful trees of the region such as pachote, caoba (mahogany), teak, guapinol and guanacaste, among others.

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