Special Features and Decorations

Casa Bali distinguishes itself from other luxury homes through its special features and unique decor. The Balinese inspired staircase, carved onsite from renewable Costa Rican hardwoods, sets the stage for a mesmerizing experience. The staircase is stunning in its intricacy, while retaining harmonic balance with the remainder of the home. The staircase resembles a cascading waterfall moving its way from the third floor to the first through a series of naturally occurring landings. Two large infinity pools are located on the first and third floors. The water that overflows the third floor infinity pool cascades to a grotto/reflecting pool on the second floor before continuing its journey to a final reflecting pool on the first floor. The ceilings are constructed of lampet thatch imported from Borneo. The bathrooms feature Indian quartzite sandstones. The home is constructed from the finest Italian alabaster travertine. The same material used to build the Coliseum in Rome. The interior doors were hand carved in Costa Rica from renewable hardwoods.

The décor of the home lends a sense of adventure while retaining the relaxed elegance established by the interior design. Balinese accents adorn the walls and fit perfectly with the rainforest backdrop that surrounds the estate. The finest imported linens ensure that anything intended to touch your skin is as comforting as a morning breeze. All the furniture is either imported from Indonesia or hand carved by local craftsman. Much thought was given to the lighting of the home and is adjustable to set and maintain the desired mood of any occasion. A carved wood and glass elevator provides direct access from the first to third floor.