Private Chef

Private chefTamarindo is the most diverse area of Costa Rica. The great waves, relaxed surf town vibe and stunning weather have attracted ex-patriots from all over the world as well as open minded adventure seeking locals. Included in this group is a talented contingent of private chefs. Argentinian, Tico, Venezuelan, French, Israeli, American, Colombian, Canadian and Indian chefs have all made their name in the local cuisine area. One thing they all have in common is that they make the most of the fresh local produce, meats and fish as they put their own spin on the local fare.

Private chefs are available for everything from a relaxed family style meal to catering formal events. Casa Bali’s kitchens are fully equipped and will allow any chef the resources they need to create their culinary delicacies. Speak with your Casa Bali concierge for recommendations that meet your group’s needs as well as up to the minute information regarding who is available to cook for you tonight.